About Us

About Us

Track Recycling Company (TRC) is the premier provider of rubber track recycling services in North America. The recycled rubber produced by TRC is used as crumb rubber and industrial feedstock for molded products; as tire-derived fuel for industrial kilns, mills and power plants; and as rubber mulch for landscaping and playgrounds. The company operates a comprehensive door-to-door collection service.

Reducing Carbon

We do this because we’re committed to a greener planet. TRC is devoted to reducing our carbon footprint. A 10+ tracks return limits carbon emissions for both uplift and transport requirements. It is estimated that every year, 1 million tracks end up in a land filled, are burned or buried on construction sites. Properly reclaiming and recycling these rubber tracks into reusable raw materials protects the environment and public health.

Rubber tracks to be recycled

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

The landscape is changing, and TRC is at the forefront of a groundbreaking conservation industry. If you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly way to dispose of your Rubber Tracks and at same time maximize space and tidiness of your yard, TRC has the solution.

Continuous Research and Development

TRC is always striving to improve and identify new and better ways to reclaim, recycle, and reuse discarded rubber tracks. We constantly evaluate our collection and remediation services to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. We reinvest in our business to support research and development in our production methods, technologies and product lines to ensure we remain at the cutting-edge of the conservation industry.


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